Fortnite Halloween 2019

Here is a fun money saving tip for parents or really anyone. If you have ever been sad at the thought of wearing a costume once and never using it again we have a tip. You can always buy a gamer or other comic-con appropriate costume so you can wear it for Halloween and comic-con! Winning! More money saving tips and innovative ideas later in this article; Just keep reading. 🙂

These days my munchkin is into Fortnite! Here are some Fortnite costumes we have been eying. Oh! If you plan on having a Halloween get together with fellow gamers you can play Fortnite as a party game, because yearly they usually do an eerie Halloween themed update. Right now there are ZOMBIES in Retail Row! It’s AWESOME! Anyway back to costumes LOL.

If you happen to buy anything from these links we may get paid a commission for clicking or a purchase made. 

Halloween Express 

I found this on the website and I will pass on this 20% off promo code QMM83DS131H7.

Fortnite Beef Boss Mask

Child Fortnite Skull Trooper

or Adult Fortnite Skull Trooper

Girls Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader

Spirit Halloween

Right now Spirit Halloween will give you 20% off one item!

The site even has sections for cosplay, pop culture, gaming, movies, and TV.

Kids DJ Yonder Costume- Fortnite

As promised, another money saving tip is to choose a costume that doubles as pajamas! Plus the little ones really enjoy being cozy. After trick or treating till they drop you can just tuck them into bed, because they already have on pjs! We found a pair of Fortnite zip up pajama jumpers at Sam’s Club.

We may receive compensation from clicks on the links or purchases made from the links provided. 

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