Clean Hair and Beauty Hacks

Healthy hair.

"Dirty hair is the best hair for special events."

Clean Hair and Beauty Hacks~


Often time people think that you wash your hair, tada you’re done.  I wish as a licensed Cosmetologist I could say, yes.  However, folks this is just not the case.  If you are my client there is always a level of questions I am concerned with.  You’re hair, and its health.

Our healthy hair starts with diet.  If we can’t do that we should at least try to use some form of vitamins.  I am no doctor; in my experience it has helped me.  My best person was when I took my pre-natal vitamins.   My hair was thick and luxuriously shiny.  It was a wonderful feeling.

I also recommend using extra care items such as Aussie 3 in 1, or Miracle treatment.  These items shock your hair with nourishment.  I relocated from a humid area to a drier climate.  I was surprised at how much it changed my hair.  In the drier climate it was flat as a fritter.  I used the Aussie 5 and 1 and my hair had all its body back. I was so thankful.

Another recipe that I use on my own hair is using baking soda to cleanse the built up deposits in the structure of the hair follicle. Baking soda with water is a clarifier. I use 2 tablespoons of baking soda to approximately ¾ cup water.  The purpose of this is to clear hairspray build up, mineral deposits from well water or hard water deposits,  and chlorinated swim water out of my hair.  Often I mix Braggs vinegar or cider vinegar with water.  The mixture I most often use is 4:1 with 4 parts water to one part vinegar.  It makes your hair super soft.   This being said, remember "dirty hair is the proms best friend". This is an adage implying that dirty hair is easiest to work with when styling.   If you have a special event to attend, PLEASE DO NOT use these recipes before the big event.  Please save repairing your hair for after your hair event.  Your hair will need the love and care after the event.  I find all textures of hair benefit from these recipes.

Beauty Hacks~

Another life hack I have is, when I get out of the shower and my hands are most wet, I put canola oil on my cuticles.  I also moisturize my legs with hair conditioner before I shave legs.  Oh so soft. It also gives it a clean shave.

I hope you have found this information helpful as well as useful.  I will look forward to putting together more beauty hacks to share in the future.











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