The Dangerous Book For Boys

The Dangerous Book For Boys
I have a nine year old son who must have some sort of a sensing beacon in his cranium, that activates within 100 feet of any electronic device. He is an avid gamer and aspires to be a Youtuber. Every Mom’s dream right! Well, he has loved Minecraft since he was three and more recently he is into playing Meep City with his classmates on Roblox. In an effort to draw him away from the virtual abyss he is so easily drawn to I went in search of something that would inspire him to undertake real life projects. Just like movie trailers sometimes movies or TV shows can inspire curiosity about the books they are based on. It always seems to bring the characters to life and prevents the movie from ruining the book in my opinion.

I found a relatively new series on Amazon Prime called The Dangerous Book For Boys . The series is about a father that passes away but luckily he has left this book of all kinds of information his sons might need for life. The series touches on a pretty heavy issue of loosing a parent and copping with the aftermath while balancing with plenty of whimsical characters to lighten the mood.

Holding a piece of the series in his hands added to the magic of the series. The book is written like a homemade encyclopedia of random knowledge. It covers topics from talking to girls , skimming rocks, secret codes, and much more. The title is pretty enticing. Who doesn’t want to do something Dangerous every now and again? If a book can inspire exploring your imagination it is definitely worth it.

When I went to purchase the book the cashier whom I never met before was so excited I was buying the book he told me it was his favorite book growing up. He said it gave him plenty of things to try. Prior to getting the book he occupied his time by blowing up army men and light fireworks, so the book greatly enriched his childhood. Having heard such an enthusiastic recommendation by a disinterested stranger, I couldn’t not buy the book!

By the way here is some insider info. . . I actually bought the book on clearance at BooksAMillion for an amazing price. Regular price is around $17. I bought it for lets just say well below that. For a hardback book under twenty bucks that’s a deal.

In all honesty it was pretty slow to start the first few episodes, but by the end of the first season we were HOOKED. Most importantly, little man ( as I lovingly nicknamed him ) was sitting there holding the book in his hands with baited breath waiting to see what happens next. Then the series ended on a cliffhanger which is always fun.

Later that day I heard my son put down his video game and head outside! He had read an article in the book describing how to train a dog to play dead. I couldn’t help but snicker when I overheard him telling the puppy “ Dead dogs don’t wag! ” which is a direct quote from the book.

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